Jacqui and Company spiritual healing methods for individuals


Jacqui serves as a guide to individuals from all walks of life as they journey to healing and enlightenment, to self-empowerment, and to a life transformed through self-discovery!

Spiritual healing services for leadership teams

Leadership Teams:

Jacqui and the team serve as advisors and confidants to executives seeking to transform their leadership teams and organizations. Jacqui has advised and coached thousands of CEOs, other C-Suite Executives (COOs, CHROs, CFOs, CIOs) and Entrepreneurs throughout her professional career.

Spiritual healing methods and services for organizations


Jacqui and the team coach and educate businesses of all sizes, non-profit organizations and community-based groups, including youth groups.

Maximizing Human and Organizational Potential

Jacqui leads a purposeful life uniquely collaborating with individuals, teams and organizations as she guides you through a transformational journey to conscious living. She leverages her naturally powerful Intuitive and Futurist abilities with her extensive professional, educational, and personal life experiences in order to empower, educate and provide tools that maximize human and organizational potential.

Services are customized based on your personal and professional objectives. She serves as your…

  • Mindfulness Coach and Spiritual Guide

    • Empowerment Techniques
    • Personal Growth and Development
    • Outstanding Relationships
    • Time and Life Management
    • Move Forward in Life (from loss, hurt, abuse, PTSD…)
  • Executive Advisor and Business Consultant

    • Thought Leadership
    • Conscious Leadership Development
    • Entrepreneurship
    • Strategic Planning and Execution
    • Product Innovation
    • Health and Wellbeing Programs (including Alternative or Complementary Health Care)
    • Talent Staffing and Organizational Development
    • Sales and Marketing Strategy
    • Communication Strategy
    • Digital Marketing
    • Neuro Linguistic Programming™ Training
  • Human Energy Expert (Energy Healer)

    • Vibrational Ascension
    • Balance and Purify the Subtle Energy System
    • Release Energetic Holds That Block You From Moving Forward
    • Heal from the Energetic Effects of Abuse, Addiction and PTSD.
  • Storyteller

    • Speaker
    • Webinars and Workshops
    • Author, Columnist and Blogger
    • On-Air Radio, TV and Film
  • Destination Retreats

  • High Vibe Connect

    • Our community to connect like-minded individuals who want to do their part in healing humanity and earth.

Jacqui serves clients worldwide with several office locations and through the use of modern technology (Zoom, Skype & FaceTime). She also travels to work with public figures, leadership teams, and other organizations.

Rates and packages vary, so please contact us to schedule your free consultation.

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