About Us


Our VISION is of a world filled with unconditional love, happiness, peace and optimal health. My vision is of a world that eradicates fear, abuse, and suffering by quieting the ego and embracing the power that lies within each of us. My vision is of a world that manifests abundance for all through service to others and in taking steps to heal the planet.

Our MISSION is to inspire and empower the human spirit with services that guide your journey to healing and enlightenment; to authenticity; to self-empowerment; and to manifesting abundance by breaking the barriers of consciousness.

In Love and Light,

Jacqueline Cassel

Maximizing Human Potential: Transforming the Lives of Individuals, Teams & Organizations

We are are women and men. We are global citizens and ambassadors. We have organized ourselves according to the rules of the new emerging economy with mobile devices and laptops. We connect with each other and our clients from our offices, homes and hangouts — from anywhere around the world. We speak in front of audiences, large and small. We shirk traditional hierarchies and promote servant leadership. We are passionate about our humanitarian initiatives. Our work is our life’s mission.

Jacqueline (Jacqui) Cassel
Living Life By Design & Purpose

Jacqueline’s (Jacqui) professional career spans over two decades and includes expertise in Leadership Development, Executive Coaching, Mindfulness, Spirituality, Business & Health Care Consulting, Visionary Strategies, Strategic Planning, Sales, Marketing, Staffing, Employee Relations, Product Innovation, Training and Digital Marketing (including Social Media Strategy). In addition to earning a psychology degree and an MBA, she has begun doctoral coursework.

Jacqui also serves as an Inspirational Speaker and Empowerment Coach to those who know more is possible in their own lives. She uniquely guides collaborates with individuals, teams and organizations as she leads them through a transformational journey to conscious living and vibrational ascension.

Awaken to your life purpose and live life on your terms. Wellness. Purpose. Abundance.


Laurie Stotz
Youth Empowerment Advocate, Teacher & Speaker

Laurie’s leadership and youth advocacy efforts have been prominent in her role as a teacher in public education for more than twenty years. Her innate ability to connect with students and her creative communication style has been demonstrated in everything from lesson planning to chairing special project committees. Laurie also holds a degree in Hotel, Restaurant and Institutional Management. Coupling this with her stellar organizational skills and an unwavering commitment to serving others has been a tremendous asset for planning customized seminars and retreats.

Preferred Partners

We have Preferred Partners with expertise in Enhanced Financial Services, Media Marketing, Graphic Design, Print and Social Media who also share a passion in maximizing human and organizational potential.


Amy Speece
Enhanced Financial Services, “CFO for Hire”

Amy has more than twenty-four years of financial consulting and accounting experience. Amy’s mission is simply to provide enhanced, personalized financial and operational services for small to mid-sized businesses. As a “CFO for Hire”, Amy reviews and develops annual budgets, financial statements, cash flow management reports and current performance indicators. She serves as on leadership teams in the development of strategic planning and profit planning — including “break-even” cost analysis and in the development of competitive billing rate structures. She also currently sits on the boards for three Boards of Directors.

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